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Blogging – 6 days without blogging feels like a month

As a target, I try to blog at least once a day. It seems that I have not blogged for six days, which feels like a month for a blogger. Professional bloggers such as Dennis Howlett aims to get 6 posts out daily, of varying quality. Some are pure originals and others are inspired by articles read in the blogsphere or the traditional press including web sites. This seems to be my fourth blog post today, certainly trying to catch up for the lost time. Dennis Keeling reckons getting couple of posts a year is sufficient – he put it down to quality vs. quantity. I do not quite buy that!

There are number of stories I have yet to write, these includes:

  1. BASDA Marketing Forum and Dinner
  2. CxO Event at Oracle organised by Library House – Doug Richards did not turn up
  3. Meeting Ariba at SAP Sapphire 07 in Vienna in May 07
  4. Bit more coverage on SAP GRC – a follow up to earlier post – Just learned Amit Chatterjee is leaving SAP GRC to take a post elsewhere within SAP. I was just getting round to understand SAP GRC
  5. Acquisition of Xign by JP Morgan Chase – lost the original drafted post due to Qumana troubles
  6. EIPP Vendors riding on Andrew Bartolini’s Aberdeen report – lost due to Qumana troubles
  7. Hub Alliance – the value propositions

That’s enough for tonight. Its nearly mid night in the UK. I still got couple of hours work to do and pack my cloths for two days in Bourne End. Catch you soon.

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