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OpenCoffee Manchester – 5th Event


OpenCoffee Manchester 5th event was held on past Tuesday at the same venue. Here are some pictures:

IMG_0586 IMG_0585 IMG_0584


  1. Stewart Townsend – Sun Microsystems – Stewart and I are collaborating on number of initiatives
  2. Aldo De Leonibus – Director of Inventya. He also brought two of his colleagues
  3. Siobhan Clarke – MBA Student from Manchester Business School
  4. Khurshid Valli – Halliwells – He is interested in working with start ups as well as those companies who wants to do business in India
  5. Paul Rouke – PRWD– Paul may take up office space at Daresbury Innovation Centre
  6. A new face who specialises on maps

Coming Up 

  1. OpenCoffee Manchester – 6th Event – 25th Sep
  2. NW StartUp 2.0 – 20th Sept
  3. Mashup* Manchester – 18th Oct
  4. Girlie Geek Dinner Night – Nov organised by Valerie De Leonibus and supported and promoted here (among other places).


  • Sun Microsystems will continue to support all my event initiatives. With Stewart’s help, we will get a monthly mail shot out. Please add your details here if you wish to be included in the mailing list.
  • In addition KPMG Manchester continue to support NW StartUp 2.0 events. I am looking for other sponsors, one each from industry sector/segment, e.g Wanted: Bank, Legal Firm, Software House, etc etc


I started using Facebook few weeks ago as my Internet buddies such as David Terrar, Dennis Howlett and Paul Walsh started sharing their great experiences with Facebook. I believe now I am trully converted. I have also set-up following groups within Facebook:

  • Events will continue to be added to as well as Facebook for the time being until everyone has switched to Facebook.  


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