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The plan beyond Causeway! Thinking loud…

So what is the general plan after Causeway? Ideally, I like to spend 50% on fee earning work and the remainder on projects. So what are these projects?

  1. edocr – we will soon be looking for 100 volunteers to test the alpha version. If you are interested in helping us, please register your interest at, and we will get in touch with you as soon as the Alpha version is ready. I have an excellent team working with me on this project. The other three guys are Rhys Jones, Founder of Accountis and Mike Carter and Chris Haslam, both Directors of Ixis.
  2. Blogging and evangelising – ah! nothing unusual. This is very much connected with fee earning work.
  3. Events management – OpenCoffee Manchester, NW StartUp 2.0 and Mashup Manchester.
  4. Incorporate third startup on carbon footprint and CSR – not much movement since original idea.

So, how would I like to spend 50% on fee earning. Simple, reviving ebdex. Call it ebdex II. But this is not about developing ebdex Document Exchange again! Instead offering a consulting led value proposition. Two models are helping me to refine my thought process – in most cases documenting what I was already doing anyway, these being the RedMonks (James Governor) model and Paystream Advisers (Henry Ijams) model. And I just started building the new website using Drupal, which I plan to complete during my vacation. Early thoughts are:

  1. Consulting – Corporate Advisory and Vendor Advisory
  2. Products – Resell to meet client requirements 
  3. Services – From initial concept of identifying a need to full commissioning and support thereafter
  4. Knowledge Base – P2P, S2C, SUF to start with + Analyst Reports
  5. Vendor Base – Completing the Wiki I started sometime back
  6. Events – Independent and Vendor Events

All documents produced by ebdex will be offered through edocr.

So what are the challenges with ebdex II approach?

  1. Need team/associates – do let me know if you know anyone who might be interested
  2. Need strategic partners – Both from products and service fronts. From service front, who better to team up with than Paystream Advisers?
  3. Need financial backing
  4. Need to find some clients

Its 02:22 in the morning, and let’s hope I will not regret what I have written in the morning. Good night!

Update 1:

No regrets so far! Oh! By the way, I also provide consultancy in areas such as blogging!

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