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Paystream Advisors # 1 – Quick Introduction


As you have probably worked out, I am working with Paystream Advisors. So who are they?

Paystream Advisors were founded by Henry Ijams about five years ago, and Henry has nurtured his company to become a niche consultancy specialising in financial automation solutions. They are US based. Let’s take few extracts from their website:

We’re in the ideas business. Let us share a few with you.

People with ideas! A brave statement. Consultancy simplified to the bare bone! I am also full of ideas (one of my problems! e.g. need to find time to work on my third company). I also like sharing (another problem of mine). Sounds like a company ebdex can do business with. So far, excellent. Let’s analyse the accompanying statement:

PayStream Advisors delivers unbiased, third-party market trend information, assessments of financial automation technology and innovative ideas to business leaders in consumer billing, finance and treasury, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and healthcare.

Yes, a very clear statement of who their customers are. One of the problems most companies face in articulating what they do, what they plan to do, and what they want to achieve. Paystream does it remarkably well. ebdex (Uno) had a hard time articulating it’s message. Moving on…. 

Here is a snap shot of the services Paystream provides:

  1. Corporate advisory
  2. Vendor advisory
  3. Research
  4. Webinars
  5. Conferences
  6. Vendor database 

As I explained before, new ebdex will focus on number of similar services. I am still in the process of developing the website, which seems to be taking ages. Let’s look at Henry’s team:

  1. David Schmidt – Finance
  2. Sushmitha Koka – EIPP
  3. David Tourville – healthcare
  4. Will Donovan – Internet marketing

Together, this team has produced some remarkable reports as well as undertaken significant number of client projects. Isn’t it great to associate with specialists such as Paystream? Watch out for next two posts on Paystream to complete the story so far.

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