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ebdex teams up with Tata Consulting Services to offer Oracle and SAP capability



Now, don’t get too excited! There will not be a formal announcement nor you would see TCS mentioned on ebdex’s website, or ebdex mentioned on TCS’s website. But we have reached a verbal agreement today to work together. The actual proposition has to be worked out and joint targets identified. This further strengthen my belief that ebdex truly has a unique place in the UK market place.

Most people may not have heard of Tata Consulting Services! It started as an IT services company servicing the needs of Tata Group. Today, they provide number of services to global clients in the areas of offshoring and Oracle and SAP support. They now aspire to take market share in the management consultancy arena. This is where it makes sense to partner with specialists to create niche opportunities.

So, let’s look at a potential opportunity where both companies could add value! A large corporate has a strategic objective to streamline their operations or have embark on a cost reduction exercise. ebdex gets involved in auditing the existing processes from optimisation of purchase-to-payment and/or supply-to-cash cycles, as well as advising on best options for integrate document exchange with trading partners. This requires change at ERP end perhaps including addition of new modules and customer lacks the capacity to undertake those changes in house. TCS steps into advice and implement those changes.

From ebdex’s point of view this bring further credibility and access to a great resource base. Before I can start thinking about joint targets, I need to get ebdex’s two value propositions (to users of technology as well as providers of technology) on two pages to start a mail shot campaign. There will be standard pricing (e.g. 1/2 day market brief) to non standard prices. Will talk about this bit more once I completed the document and upload it to edocr!

If anyone wants to explore or exploit this relationship, do get in touch!

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