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Month: September 2007

Paystream Advisors # 1 – Quick Introduction

  As you have probably worked out, I am working with Paystream Advisors. So who are they? Paystream Advisors were founded by Henry Ijams about five years ago, and Henry has nurtured his company to become a niche consultancy specialising in financial automation solutions. They are US based. Let’s take few extracts from their website: We’re in the ideas business. Let us share a few with you. People with ideas! A brave statement. Consultancy simplified to the bare bone! I am also full of ideas (one of my problems! e.g. need to find time to work on my third company). I also like…

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edocr #1 – Alpha is out – Opening an Account

After much work, we managed to release edocr Alpha last Friday (with some known errors). If you wish to have an account open, there are two options you can follow: E-mail me at manoj [at] ranaweera [dot] name. Please bear in mind that I will be at ExPP Summit on Monday and Tuesday with meetings on Wednesday in London with very limited access to e-mails. Use Contact Us on edocr – perhaps the best option given above. And one of the team members will open an account for you. In any case, we need your preferred username, password and e-mail…

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ExPP Summit is almost upon us

ExPP Summit is fast approaching. Few statistics from Bruno Koch: 320 bookings with delegates from 28 countries. Just a few remaining tickets available Well if you have not got a ticket, I suggest you grab one of the last remaining tickets before the event gets sold out. Here is the agenda: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th, 2007 08:30  Registration with coffee and tea 09:30 CHAIRMAN’S OPENING ADDRESS Market Trends Perspectives Bruno Koch, CEO, Billentis, Switzerland 10:00 eEUROPE E-Invoicing as a key element of future E-Government initiatives Current & future Initiatives supported by the European Community (SEPA, CEN, eBSN, …) What is delaying market penetration?…

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Who wants to meet me in London on 7th and 12th of September?

I am happy to meet anyone who would like to discuss the services ebdex will be bringing to the UK market, and the wider EIPP (e-invoicing) and Supply Chain Finance space. I have a planned meeting with Abbey on this Friday (7th September 2007), but available for number of hours pre and post the meeting. Please get in touch if you wish to meet me. Contact me through “manoj [at] ranaweera [dot] name” or on 07769734491. A good location is IoD at Pall Mall, my office in London. I also plan to spend next Wednesday (12th September 2007) at IoD,…

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NW StartUp 2.0 – 4th Event – Speaker line up

Further to my previous post, this time, we reach out to the USA. Our keynote speaker is none other than my friend, Billa Bhandari from Akoura. I first came to know Billa through FounderContact (Am I becoming an Indian – My new friend Billa and his clever software). He is one of those characters who somehow squeezes time to help budding entrepreneurs whilst negotiating his own business challenges. He has been an inspiration to me, especially during those dark days of ebdex when everything started to go wrong. Billa inspired me with his own battle stories. Whilst we have not spoken much…

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NW StartUp 2.0 – 4th Event on 19th September 2007

Apologies for the short notice, but the 4th NW StartUp 2.0 event is already upon us. For the 4th time, I have the support and trust of KPMG (thanks StevenL). Sun Microsystems has also joined to help me spread the word (thanks StewartT). This time, there is a payment of £25 for attendance. The site is ready to accept registrations now, having battled with two days solid with Drupal. At the end, I had to give up integrating paypal and setting up a proper registration system. I will sort this out by the next event. So, do register now to avoid disappointment later. You must register…

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