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ebdex Vendor Services – Vendor Analysis

I simplified some of the vendor services offered by ebdex, especially with respect to analysis. Here is a snap shot from the Vendor Analysis Services from ebdex web site:

  • ebdexPedia – Full Profile on Vendor Database
  • ebdexNewsCast ? Publishing press releases/announcements on to edocr platform, managed by ebdex on your behalf
  • ebdexTalk – Vendor Analysis with output as blog articles
  • ebdexTalkLoud – Coverage of press releases/announcements through bog articles and/or Market Briefs
  • ebdexAnalysis – Vendor Analysis with output as Vendor Analyst Reports
  • ebdexSponsor – Logo on blog as sponsor
  • ebdexSponsorMany – Sponsorship for Reports that cover more than one Vendor
  • ebdexBrief – EIPP or SCP Market Brief ? 1/2day
  • ebdexBriefFull – EIPP or SCF Market Brief ? Full day

Above services are further split into silver, gold and platinum packages as shown in following guideline document:

As you can see, edocr provides a powerful yet simplistic way to interact with documents.

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