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Global Sourcing Council – Kick of meeting


Recently, I have been spending significant amount of time collaborating with David Kinnear, President of DDC HRO. David was one of those rare individuals who understood the business potential of edocr immediately. Since then his brain has been on overdrive with ideas pouring in every few minutes. These have now extended to ebdex and beyond. In this process, I also came to know Global Sourcing Council (GSC) he has founded with number of other prominent leaders on sourcing and outsourcing. 

GSC provides a forum and opportunity for productive dialogue to take place between key sourcing countries such as Philippines, India and China and key private sector participants such as DDC HRO.

According to Founding member and Board member, Christine Bullen, a Senior Lecturer at Stevens Institute of Technology?s Howe School of Technology Management:

?The GSC will play a key role in furthering business interests by promoting an open environment for the many participants in the sourcing world: country trade representatives, service providers and private enterprise from different countries. It provides opportunities for professional networking and business development in the context of the social impact of sourcing. The GSC also addresses timely issues important to any company involved in global business operations and to any country where sourcing is taking place.?

With further collaboration, Manchester Business School has been identified as a potential partner representing the UK and perhaps Europe. Discussions are at early stage, but I am doing what I can to help this initiative. There are significant opportunities for everyone who is interested in getting involved.

The inaugural meeting will be held on 25th October 2007 at New York City. Related documents can be access through here:

Here is a list of key personnel involved:

 According to David:

“Ghandi once said ? ?Be the change you wish to see in the world.? As we move forward into an era of new, developing markets, so we seek business and public sector leadership that can take the opportunity to ?make a difference? in the community ? around the world. This is a key goal for the GSC.?

I fully embrace the intentions behind GSC, and David’s enthusiasm and drive in outsourcing initiatives. In addition to my personal assistance, edocr will also form part of the global discussion.  With this in mind, edocr team is exploring the possibility of providing greater interactivity within edocr through special interest groups.

I wish David and his team a very successfull kick of meeting on the 25th.

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