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BEA has till Sunday to accept Oracle’s $6.7 billion offer


It seems that Oracle has given an ultimatum to BEA to accept its offer of $6.7 billion for all stock by Sunday evening. BEA seems to be holding on until another bidder emerges with a higher offer. Potential bidders, SAP, IBM and HP have all declined to comment, suggesting that no other bidder is emerging. Oracle threatened to abandon the bid after its offer of $17 per share was rejected by BEA’s Board on Tuesday for the second time in less than two weeks. So who is bluffing whom? Is Oracle really desperate to own BEA given that it already has a middleware stack after a 3 year shopping spree of $25 billion? I do not see the synergy unless Oracle is simply buying into the customer base of BEA. Does it make sense to you?


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