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Hello… and the struggle with Google

This Guest Post is from Will Donovan of Paystream Advisors of USA

So! First post on Manoj’s blog and I have to be honest with you, it will have little to do with EIPP, except a little tangentially. I’ll leave the expertise to the expert himself, and spend my time here at waxing about ePayables and on-line proliferation of solid knowledge on financial automation.

Manoj’s most recent project, “edocr” is like a dream come true for those of us who publish content both casually and professionally (and in between). Likewise, the blogging platform itself, whether via a hosted solution like Blogger or a personal solution like WordPress or Drupal, provides a similar conduit for personal expression that many of us would have never dreamed of even five years ago.

But the struggle to be heard continues unabated. And that struggle ultimately lies in the hands of that insurmountable mountain we all know as Google.

I have met this struggle head on since taking on PayStream Advisors’ web activities, most specifically in our ePayables analyst blog, PayStream Voices. And I’ve had some (limited) success. However, I don’t mean to sound my own horn here, but I am under the impression that those of you who read Manoj’s blog, those of you who work in the ePayables/Financial Automation industry, those of you who have something to say based upon your expertise, quietly (or loudly) dream of the day when yours and my posts are heavily digged, heavily disseminated to hundreds of RSS subscribers, and regularly return high PageRank scores.

Such as it is, try as we might, even operating on such streamlined interfaces as WordPress against content competitors using legacy systems, we often find only small victories.

We at PayStream have been working with a great guy, Ryan Pederson, who’s IT integration expert at Coke, Inc., and is also building an SEO tool called e3SEO. We’ve met with him repeatedly and our most primary concern is to have more analytic processing on keyword score and PageRank visibility than the puny and mostly useless data we get aggregated to us via Google Analytics and its lesser though often marginally more useful cousin, Google Webmaster Tools. We are sorely aware that backlinking is the greatest obstacle we face, even more than legacy code and CMS’s, when we are trying to increase the awareness of our content, due to a lack of synergy between industry bloggers. Ryan describes most corporate-expertise websites as “7/11s open for business 24/7 in the middle of the Sahara,” that is, we have what seekers want, but we are a tiny blip on their radar, if we’re on their radar at all. Ryan thinks that the tools he’s planning to provide (currently in beta) will help us with that.

So – My jist here is, if you’re interested (Manoj I’m sure is interested as I know he’s working on this in a variety of ways), I advocate for a new platform for those of us blogging in the finance industry that specifically is designed to both share content, share expertise, and almost as important, share backlinks.

If you’re interested in sharing thoughts, either post them here as a comment, or e-mail Manoj or I. We’re really open to hearing your struggles, and your successes, and in sharing them with those like us in our industry.

Thanks for the great introduction Manoj, and in the interest of repping edocr (and PayStream), I invite you to use Manoj’s excellent tool to view a recent PayStream whitepaper on Healthcare Document Imaging. The full report was published this week – If you’re interested, you can purchase it here.

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