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Who said EDI is dead!

Recently I had a long conversation with Emanio, a vendor specialising in provision of EDI based products. I will cover the full story on another post with a proper introduction to Emanio. What came out is that whilst they believe EIPP is the future, they have not seen much evidence in terms of market penetration to be too concerned about EIPP.

Now are they in permanent denial of EIPP? Is EIPP really making the stride all consultants and vendors have you believed? Why do I call myself an EIPP Evangelist if I have these doubts?

The truth of the matter is whilst EIPP brings significant benefit, trading partner enrollment is still inundated with complexities – and the focus should continue to be on education education education. Yet all the major conferences are addressing the wrong crowd and continue to deny the education piece. Why, because it’s not sexy! What’s sexy is supply chain finance, dynamic discounting, roaming services, e-payable, SEPA, etc etc. Yes, that’s all great – but we are still trying to address the paper chase – the very basics. When are we going to wake up? EIPP will take much longer than we all hope to get traction. Don’t let it become another EDI. So keep shouting about EIPP as much as you can. The more we shout the less others can ignore.

What do you think about this emotional outburst? Time to get some sleep I hear…bye for now.

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