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HansaWorld scoops AccountancyAge award for second year

HansaWorld UK, a mid-range innovative accountancy software vendor has won the AccountancyAge Award for Mid-range Software Package of the Year for the second time. Above is the official press release courtesy of edocr, my favourite knowledge exchange. According to the press release: 

“HansaWorld has recorded between 5% and 15% growth each year since 1995, and the software ? which is available on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms ? is known for its exceptional functionality and breadth.”

What impresses me the most is not just above, but how Hansaworld has embraced new technologies to increase their own marketing activities and subsequent revenues. For example, I do not believe I approached Hansaworld regarding edocr. Yet they found us and now is a regular publisher. Click here for evidence. And click here for interactivity. And based on their publications, look at the level of innovation (bearing in mind, most accountancy software vendors still live in the dark ages!):

And to top all that, they got this blog post free of charge. Who else wants a similar treatment?

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