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Copy of Bruno’s e-invoicing Quarterly

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E-Invoicing Quarterly 2008-1
January 2008

In This Issue

1.    European Market Outlook 2008
2.    About E-Invoicing Quarterly and the European EXPP Summit
3.    ADP Clearing becomes ACCELYA
4.    BasWare to partner with e-invoicing operator crossgate
5.    Swisscom IT Services – E-Invoicing goes international


1.  European Market Outlook 2008

The broad range of services offered by a growing number of providers – now numbering some 260 – plus increasing market demand, will drive E-Invoicing market development in Europe. In addition, various government initiatives in countries like Sweden and Spain will accelerate this positive trend. These countries will be the ones with the strongest growth rates in 2008,  accompanied by Belgium, France, Poland and Portugal.

The processed B2B volume is expected to reach 610 million E-Invoices this year (corresponding with 4.1% of all European B2B invoices). B2C volume is estimated to rise to 330 millions (2.2% penetration).

Provider landscape:
In 2007 I detected, on average, 8 new service providers a month. This trend is still unbroken, as the market potential continues to be huge. New players are expected this year, especially in the financial service industry. Although the vast majority remain focussed on local markets, an increasing number of providers are expanding their geographical reach. While some are expected to focus on market niches, others will choose to connect their networks to those of competitors or will go international by themselves.


2.  About E-Invoicing Quarterly and the European EXPP Summit

330 delegates from 28 countries came together at last year’s European EXPP Summit in London. The success of this event has established the European EXPP Summit as Europe’s leading event dealing with E-Invoicing & EBPP.

The next European EXPP Summit will take place on September 29 & 30, 2008 in Frankfurt/Germany. As a result of feedback from several service providers, we have decided to once again offer a 1 day “E-Invoicing operators Forum” on October 1st.

Based on the response in the last two years, I expect the exhibition to be booked out again. Please download the exhibitor brochure 2008 and book soon:

Your colleagues and business partners might also be interested in what this quarterly newsletter has to say. Please forward it to them or register
their names now:


3.  ADP Clearing becomes ACCELYA

We have been informed that the investment fund Chequers Capital has replaced Automatic Data Processing (ADP) as the owner of ADP Clearing. Under the name of ACCELYA, they are devoting all of their energy to their core business and to satisfying their customers’ expectations. ACCELYA is a very active E-Invoicing provider with eight subsidiaries spread over three continents.


4.  BasWare to partner with E-Invoicing operator crossgate BasWare Einvoices is expanding its partner network in Europe by connecting to crossgate, a specialist for B2B-Integration and Cross Automation. Over 74 000 companies can be reached through the new inter-operator connection.


5.  Swisscom IT Services – E-Invoicing goes international

With the launch of “E-Invoicing International” customers of Swisscom IT Services will be able to rely totally on electronic methods for international billing from the end of January 2008. The existing E- Invoicing Service of Swisscom IT Services will be extended to include more than 20 European coun-tries in the first step – with another 20 countries (in Europe and worldwide) to be added in the course of the following year.


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