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Tim re-unites with his baby (Tradex) and enters the world of blogging

Last week, I learned that Tim Cole, R&D Director of Causeway Technologies and Founder of Tradex has been given the task of growing Tradex into a mainstream e-invoicing hub. During the last year, the responsibility for Tradex changed many hands internally, causing immense confusion. Tim never gave up his involvement, but at the time, his main task was to manage the development centre in India, which was no easy task.

In addition to realignment of resources, some of the existing staff has moved on, creating opportunities for new recruits to join and strengthen the team. Tim is a likeable chap, admired by many (highly regarded by Causeway’s CEO, Phil Brown), and one of the three founders of the Hub Alliance.

During my short tenure at Causeway Technologies, I attempted to introduce web 2.0 to Causeway. Part of this was setting up an internal Wiki and Blog. Whilst the management thought it was a good idea in general, it never had the active support it needed to succeed. Having agreed to blog here sometime back, with his new responsibilities, we saw last week the first blog posting by Tim. Perhaps, this is a dawn of a new era at Causeway. At last!

Tim has a wealth of experience to share. He was an innovator at the time of founding Tradex, and no doubt will re-innovate Tradex to become a prominent hub in the UK and anywhere else Causeway wishes to trade. So, please take a moment of your time to welcome Tim to blogsphere.

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