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edocr getting ready for Webmission08 with Sun Microsystems and NTT Communications

As part of our preparations for Webmission08, we have decided to migrate our back-end and the front-end to Sun Microsystems platform. We are a proud member of the Sun Microsystems’ StartUp Essential Programme and also a Sun Microsystems Advantage Partner. In fact, I have been evangelising the programme well before it was launched, working closely with Stewart Townsend, who manages the programme in the UK and Europe. The final details are yet to be worked out, but the hosting will be provided by NTT Communications. Both companies are fully supporting edocr’s virgin mission to San Francisco in April 08.

As part of the process, we first moved the back-end from North Wales to Ixis IT Offices at Daresbury Innovation Centre, at which point some of the team got bit carried away with celebrations, as you can see from following images. I must say, we are still looking for the front-end which is still somewhere in North Wales.

The Heart of Behind the wires - backend up close and personal

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