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Month: June 2008

RBS to resell Accountis’ e-invoicing service to corporate customers

Founders, Rhys Jones and others, and new owners of Accountis, FundTech must be so thrilled to finally be able to announce the deal with Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). Accountis has been working on this deal for many years, which I came to know at least over 18 months ago, but was requested not to blog about it at the time.  The relationship between Accountis and RBS thrived when Accountis decided to use RBS Trust Assured to authenticate the identity of its userbase during e-invoicing transactions. Two key reasons that further attracted FundTech to Accountis other than the team and…

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Did Rhys sell Accountis too cheaply?

What valuation would you assign to an EIPP provider? Should this be based on past performance, future potential or a combination of both? If so, was Accountis sold too cheaply to fundtech? Who held the upper hand during negotiations? Or was the shareholders of Accountis too keen to sell and move on? Have they moved on? Will they earn the earn out? Why has they not achieve traction, as most of us expected over the last few years? Was it a handicap been based in the North Wales? Was return on cash burn really a good performance indicator? Where will…

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European Purchase-to-Pay Week 2008

Technorati Tags: P2P,purchase-to-payment,iqpc,eipp,e-invoicing IQPC is organising a seminar next week from 16th to 18th in Brussels and 18th to 20th in London. Strapline is "one agenda two locations". As usual, attendees are expected to pay a hefty price from GBP899 to 2099 plus VAT depending on the time of booking and extent of attendance. Whilst I appreciate that the organisers must make a profit, the hefty price excludes the participation by smaller businesses. Click here to access the event page. Here is an extract from the event home page: With new legislation like SEPA, speeding up European payments and a…

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Online Seminar: Unleash New P-Card Potential with Order-to-Pay

If you wish to register for above seminar conducted by JP Morgan Chase on 19th June 2008, please click here. Here is the synopsis of the seminar: Traditional purchasing card programs have focused on low-dollar purchases with limited approval requirements and transactions initiated by suppliers. Today, next generation card settlement programs are available to replace paper check settlement for accounts payable spend. These card-based settlement solutions lay the foundation for transforming your entire payables process with far-reaching operational and discount savings. In this free online seminar, James Tucker, JPMorgan Xign vice president and product director, will explain how you can:…

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Few changes about my blogging activities

Following changes will be effective from today: Northern StartUp 2.0 Blog – Startups including events – Others are welcome to contribute, do let me know if you wish to blog about your startup, the Northern ecosystem, or lack of it. – the progress of edocr Manoj – EIPP and other points of interest without extensively covering events and edocr Lately, this blog has covered more events than anything else. And it’s focus has become blurred and may no longer stand as a specialist blog. There is no synergy between startups and EIPP unless its EIPP startups. So, it…

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