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European Purchase-to-Pay Week 2008

IQPC is organising a seminar next week from 16th to 18th in Brussels and 18th to 20th in London. Strapline is "one agenda two locations". As usual, attendees are expected to pay a hefty price from GBP899 to 2099 plus VAT depending on the time of booking and extent of attendance. Whilst I appreciate that the organisers must make a profit, the hefty price excludes the participation by smaller businesses.


Click here to access the event page. Here is an extract from the event home page:

With new legislation like SEPA, speeding up European payments and a noticeable global credit crunch, the need to transform your siloed AP and Procurement processes is now business critical. Innovative companies are driving forward the need to view the P2P process holistically and strengthen the financial supply chain.

IQPC’s European Purchase-to-Pay Week 2008 will provide you with both the practical ‘how-to’ knowledge you’ll need to further refine your P2P process and the strategy to improve your financial supply chain. If your aim is to eliminate your exceptions list, drive compliancy and collaboration into your processes, improve performance, gain control over your supplier relationships and work towards a truly paperless environment, this event has it all.

Collect the tools and knowledge you need to go back to your company and apply key learnings on both a strategic and tactical level, ensure your P2P function becomes a value adding tool!

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