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Serving Northern Digital Entrepreneurs – Best event ever!

I am happy to report that we had the best Northern StartUp 2.0 event ever on the 15th of July at KPMG Manchester. In case you missed it, here is a teaser:

At the core of Northern StartUp 2.0 is the Northern Digital Entrepreneurs, that is people like me (Founder of edocr), Anish Kapoor (Founder of Yuuguu) and other Northern Stars. The purpose is to serve their needs, mostly in the areas of:

1. Capital injection
2. Exposure
3. Reduce loneliness – You are never alone in your journey to hit that massive Vision

We address Item 1 above by bringing Venture Capitalists. Here is a list of VCs we have entertained:

1. Liverpool Ventures/Merseyside Special Investment Fund/Liverpool Seed Fund – North West (Liverpool)
2. Enterprise Ventures/Rising Stars – North West (Preston, Manchester) & Yorkshire and Humberside
3. YFM Private Equity – North West (Manchester) and UK
4. Advent Ventures – South East (London)
5. DFJ Esprit – South East (London)
6. Seedcamp – South East (London) and Europe
7. MTI Firms – North West (Manchester) and World

We now need to expand above by exposing Business Angels and Debit Financiers to Northern Stars.

Item 2 is addressed through providing a platform for short pitches, and on-line (private messaging) and face-to-face events.

We have also started to campaign to both Regional Development Agencies and the Central Government. So, do let us know what specific help you require.

On 15th, we had great line up of panelists from New York, London and Manchester. See event page for more details

I would also like to make a request. Please check the website before writing that e-mail. Check the FAQs on footer. Your time and my time are both precious.

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