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North-South Dividing Line – Your thoughts please!

An issue that I have not successfully resolved is the dividing line between the North and South of United Kingdom, from the perception of Northern StartUp 2.0. The services provided by Northern Startup 2.0 is for the digital startups in the North of England. At present it excludes Midlands and South Wales due to the perception that companies in these regions may well be aligning themselves with the South instead of the North.

Danny Dorling of the Sheffield University argues that drawing a line is near impossible. You can read his article here.

Click on the image for a detailed map

So the questions are:

1. Should we treat startup companies which are located above the line but below North West, Yorkshire and Humberside as Northern Companies?
2. Secondly, do they want to be treated as Northerners?

Appreciate hearing your thoughts on this subject.

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