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Month: August 2008

Attack on this blog revealed

Over the last two months or so, some of you reported that my blog could not be accessed due to blacklisting by Google. Most of you read my blog through Fire Fox 3 browser. When this first happened, even I was unable to access my blog, so my trusty hosting provider, Chris Haslam of Ixis IT dully updated the wordpress to the latest version and removed some offending code. I updated the password and so for a time, the problem disappeared. Whilst I was on holiday, the blog seems to have had another attack and Google and FF3 continue to…

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2008 Summer Break – Ranaweera Family in Sri Lanka

I do not normally speak about personal life here, but as I already published the holiday video in YouTube, I must as well publish it here. So here goes, I had a great three weeks in Sri Lanka whilst my family was there for five weeks. Met lot of relatives and few friends. My brother and sister also came from New York and London respectively, so it was a long awaited reunion. We visited Colombo (I am 16 miles from Colombo), Kandy (wife’s from there), Anuradapura (Sri Lanka had a highly developed civilisation thousands of years ago when Western world…

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Sun StartUp Essentials & Stewart Townsend

Many of you know that I am a keen advocate of Sun Microsystems’ Sun StartUp Essentials Programme. I am fortunate to work with Stewart Townsend (a brilliant easy-to-get-alone individual) from the beginning of the programme, and continue to do so with sharing ideas and initiatives. Stewart has geared the initiative to become a true friend to digital startups in the UK. He has filled the gap that other competitors (HP, Microsoft, etc) have not seen. Initiatives he supports or supported include Northern StartUp 2.0, Mashup Events, Webmission08 and Digital Mission. No company is too small for Sun. Stewart engages with…

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