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2008 Summer Break – Ranaweera Family in Sri Lanka

I do not normally speak about personal life here, but as I already published the holiday video in YouTube, I must as well publish it here. So here goes,

I had a great three weeks in Sri Lanka whilst my family was there for five weeks. Met lot of relatives and few friends. My brother and sister also came from New York and London respectively, so it was a long awaited reunion. We visited Colombo (I am 16 miles from Colombo), Kandy (wife’s from there), Anuradapura (Sri Lanka had a highly developed civilisation thousands of years ago when Western world was just waking up – see the stone bridge I was walking on, massive religious master pieces, one of the oldest trees in the world – over 2000 years, and so on), Nuwara Eliya, Kataragama and Negambo.

Music is by Iraj who my brother introduced me to whilst in Sri Lanka, a young hip hop artist who mixes in Sinhalese, Tamil and English breaking ethnic barriers.

We may also get involved in my wife’s family business, jewellery. Starting with Sterling Silver rings with real gems. Authenticity, Quality, Design and Service. Registered whilst in transit at Doha airport

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