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Month: February 2009

StartUp4Slaughter – DistinctID

Tonight’s StartUp4Slaughter is Ash Mokhberi of DistinctID Since the launch of the internet users have had to repeatedly submit registration information to websites and create multiple usernames and passwords. With the launch of social networking sites and sites such as ebay, we have all started to build profiles of our identity on the internet. Whether it be a profile of personality and life experience or a profile used to identify credibility and trust among others. To this day the profiles or identity’s we build about ourselves online are restricted to their website of origin, forcing us as users to rebuild…

Twitter Apps #1 – TweetStats

Twitter is everywhere these days and I must admit, it is my favourite tool next to e-mail and of course edocr. It is truly a remarkable marketing tool that I use everyday for both edocr and Northern StartUp 2.0. I also use twitter for user/customer engagement, news and collaboration. What is also amazing is the number of applications that have sprung up using Twitter API. In order to understand twittersphere, you need to understand what is out there. On this regard, I will be making an attempt to publish short articles on interesting Twitter Applications I find. To start with,…

Testing out Zemanta

Image via CrunchBase Just came across Zemanta through Twitter and thought of trying it out quickly. So far I configured Zemanta for flickr and twitter. It failed to initiate the Facebook connectivity. I am writing this from WordPress Editor. As you would expect, I searched for edocr, and found two images through flickr. Here is a list of articles I could find which might not have relevance to the search term “edocr” Image by jacurutu via Flickr Related articles by Zemanta Buzzup Docs is Digg for Documents (