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StartUp4Slaughter – DistinctID

Tonight’s StartUp4Slaughter is Ash Mokhberi of DistinctID

Since the launch of the internet users have had to repeatedly submit registration information to websites and create multiple usernames and passwords. With the launch of social networking sites and sites such as ebay, we have all started to build profiles of our identity on the internet. Whether it be a profile of personality and life experience or a profile used to identify credibility and trust among others. To this day the profiles or identity’s we build about ourselves online are restricted to their website of origin, forcing us as users to rebuild the same identity from scratch when we use a new website.

Our mission is to create an open and transportable online identity management system that allows users to have a single entry point to access internet services, along with backend open integration for web developers to utilise current services and develop new services to meet their own requirements. Allowing users to manage share and distribute online credentials to any source they wish. While at the same time allowing web developers to take advantage of this information to develop converged internet services and marketing.

Questions for audience

1. Where do the audience see the importance of online identity in the delivery of cloud computing and mobile applications including location based services?

2. How do they feel is the best way to attract the critical mass (in terms of users), required to provide mass web proliferation of such a service?

3. Web based tech start-ups view on open id, decentralised identity and control of users information, As an importance to their business and why??

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