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Vision, Mission and Strategy of Northern StartUp 2.0

In Feb 09, Phil Tapsell of TechVenture Solutions Ltd and Tom Cheesewright of The Lever Ltd joined Manoj on voluntary basis to steer NS20 forward, especially with respect to marketing and business development activities respectively. As you would have expected, one of the first activities of the team was to refine the vision, mission and strategy of Northern StartUp 2.0. Your comments and thoughts are most welcomed.

Our Vision

A thriving community of technology startups in Northern England, with access to all of the knowledge, services and capital that they need to grow rapidly. National and international recognition of the North as one of the most creative and supportive environments for technology business development.

Our Mission

To create the right ecosystem for entrepreneurship and business growth in the technology sector in Northern England, assembling all of the key stakeholders in an active community where knowledge is shared and deals are done. Stakeholders include entrepreneurs and startups, investors and financiers, technologists, service providers, and enablers from the public and private sectors, including government agencies and educational establishments.

Our Strategy

To build a programme of offline events to enable startups to learn, stakeholders to connect, and partnerships to form. To support this with a dedicated online community that leverages the latest in social and media technology to streamline access to valuable knowledge and best practice.

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