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Rationale for TwiCRM

My analysis of Twitter is:

  • It is the best tool after e-mail (and ofcourse after
  • Twitter is here to stay for a while, and have a good chance of being bigger and more influential than Facebook, YouTube, etc, especially from a business perspective

I have lately been frustrated by:

  • Inability to build a holistic view of each of my Twitterers
  • Inability to track tweets exchanged with each of my Twitterers
  • Inability to set a strategy and actions for each Twitterer, both from NS20 and edocr perspectives
  • Inability to view full details of each of my Twitterer on an spreadsheet like view
  • Inability to manage multiple Twitter accounts with respect to my Twitterers
  • Inability to target each, groups of or all of my Twitterers with relevant marketing messages

For most of you, it is not a surprise that I use Twitter exclusively for business. I am not on Twitter just because it is cool or trendy. Therefore, I need a tool that could help me structure my Twitter time as well as analyse my Twitter spend.

I see the first cut of TwiCRM as:

  • A list of my Twitterers in spreadsheet like format showing Twitter name, location, about me (i.e. about them), URL, etc with new fields added for tracking various parameters
  • Once this is up and running, we can then start exploring how it could be developed in to a holistic CRM package.

I prefer taking incremental steps instead of blue sky thinking (used to be!). That’s how edocr was setup. ebdex, my first startup was blue-sky thinking. If anyone is interested in following this further, please add a comment with twitter username.

Hope there would be sufficient interest to pursue this further.

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