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Month: September 2009

Sage goes free with BillingBoss

It is not often I get to know a new product before Dennis Howlett, especially in the accountancy software market. But it seems Dennis as well as most people at the HQ of Sage in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne may not have been aware of BillingBoss released by Canadian subsidiary of Sage. I was contacted on 21st September, but only had time to visit the site today. This is a remarkable step forward for Sage, having ignored the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model for many years. Sage was not unique in this position. And their foray into SaaS later misfired with poor execution of SageLive.…

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I am on Posterous – so what?

Once in a while I come across an application which is so simplistic, you almost get the value proposition immediately. Posterous is such an application. The other application is of course Twitter. Most of us who operate closer to leading edge and open in terms of sharing knowledge tends to sign up to most of the new services that become popular. Then we move on unless they are applications worth sticking with. If I explore my social map (excluding for this discussion), in order of usage right now: 1. Twitter with multiple clients, so they are worth noting: a.…

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