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I am on Posterous – so what?

Once in a while I come across an application which is so simplistic, you almost get the value proposition immediately. Posterous is such an application. The other application is of course Twitter.

Most of us who operate closer to leading edge and open in terms of sharing knowledge tends to sign up to most of the new services that become popular. Then we move on unless they are applications worth sticking with.

If I explore my social map (excluding for this discussion), in order of usage right now:

1. Twitter with multiple clients, so they are worth noting:

a. TweetDeck – multiple distribution and competitor analysis – I am less of a fan of the latest release, which seem to loose panels/columns upon reboot
b. Tweetie – managing channels
c. Power Twitter – see pics and videos, etc
d. Co-Tweet – see who follows which of my accounts, and all tweets in one place

2. Posterous – it’s easy to dump anything that comes across my way
3. Facebook – because people comments on my tweets distributed through FB
4. Linkedin – because people wants to connect with me – it used to be the other way round few years back
5. YouTube – embedding videos against company profiles on edocr

So, if I use posterous, what’s the purpose of this blog? If I discipline myself, posterous will be a dumping ground and this blog would capture my thoughts in detail. Twitter is used entirely different way to any other application I have come across, and therefore worth covering in detail some other time.

In terms of finding a purpose for this blog, should I speak about building; or startup 2.0, the ecosystem for tech startups or something else? I wish I know the answer. The answer will become evident, if I, once again start blogging.

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