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Month: November 2009

Lead Capture – Your ideas for

On Monday, our development team will start developing sales lead capture functionality. In a nutshell, lead capture is about capturing who looked at a particular document, and with the consent of the edocr community member, pass his or her information to the publisher of the document. This only works if more and more people registers with than simply consume documents without registering. First task is for us to encourage more visitors to register. Second part includes obtaining the consent with final parts on developing tool kits that the publisher could use. We will also be attempting to use Google…

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Microsoft Sponsored Innovation Academy Workshop For Start-Up Software Businesses

As you are probably be aware, Northern StartUp 2.0 has been a Microsoft BizSpark Network Partner since we launched the programme at Cloud Computing event held in April 2009 when Bindi Karia visited us. For the first time in the UK, Microsoft is running an Innovation Academy Workshop For Start-Up Software Businesses on the 10th of Dec 2009, and I am honoured to inform you that this event will be run out of Daresbury Innovation Centre, where both of my companies are head quartered. The course takes the form of one-day interactive instructor-led workshop covering: – Introduction to the software…

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Startup of the Week 3 – – Make you arrange your wedding easily

This week, I caught up with Mark Strefford, CEO of he runs with his wife, Vicki. I remember the days when Mark was thinking of how to take the first step of developing the site. I pushed him towards Drupal. has come a long way since then. Manoj: What made you launch your company? Tell us about the company history and the management team. Given that your wife, Vicky is also involved in the day-to-day operations, do you consider your business as a family business, life-style business or high growth business? Mark: This may sound like a story…

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How to join edocr Exclusive

If you are a customer of, you can now join edocrExclusive Private Group on Twitter. How To Join This Group Go to edocrExclusive and click on the “send request” button. We must approve new members before they are permitted to post or receive messages from the Group. Please note this service is only for paying customers and not for those who use edocr Free service. How To Post At the beginning of your Tweet type “d edocrExclusive”. This will send a private message to the group, which Twitter4Groups will then forward to everyone else who is following. Do not…

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New flyer for highlighting our focus on sales leads generation

As part of our preparations for exhibiting at Technology World 2009 on 23rd and 24th November 2009 at Coventry, UK, we have produced a new leaflet highlighting our current focus on sales lead generation through documents and the priced options we currently promote. Embedded above is the new flyer on the left hand side followed by previous flyers. The middle one was prepared for Internet World held in April 2009 in London. Below is the full document, A5 size in terms of print. Why should you consider This section highlights 5 benefits we provide: 1. Maximised Exposure – We…

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Your picture size correction at

For an unknown reason, the image sizing module within have malfunctioned over the last few weeks. As a result, your picture would not have re-sized to suit your account page or your document pages. This has only affected accounts created recently. If your picture is displayed without resizing, it will look like the following image, in terms of giant size. In this case, please upload your picture again, and it should re-size automatically. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you come across any problems with this process or any aspects of

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Is the environment right for venture capital in the north west?

Michael Taylor, the Editor of the Insider Magazine, just ran another successful Deal Makers 2009 Award ceremony, which  clashed with my own, Managing Growth – Tech Entrepreneur Series held at eOffice on 12th November 2009. Michael in his weekly column argues that private equity needs to get back to its venture capital roots. The Good news is that LDC is making a change in their investment criteria by wanting to invest into early stage businesses. So Michael thinks this is a good ground for celebration, especially as LDC won one of the awards he gave them. Disclaimer 1: I am…

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edocr Launches “edocr Exclusive” an exclusive club for our customers will continue to evolve and grow thanks to our valued customers. We want to help them beyond the growing capability of by developing an exclusive club for CxOs of our customers, where edocr Ltd will take an active involvement in introducing parties where we believe new revenue relationships can be established. We know this may become a challenge to manage as we grow from our current customer base today to many thousands tomorrow. Whilst we cannot predict the future in how this exclusive group will evolve, we will do our best to build a powerful ecosystem around…

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Crowdsourcing development – Document Replacement

Some of customers have requested the ability to replace an existing document with a new document. We would like your help in firming up the specification. Lets take the following document as an example: Our thoughts on the matter: 1. The flash document URL shall remain the same. This is important from SEO point of view, as for “customer manual”, this document page appears on’s first page 2. If the document is linked (including bookmarked), the URL shall remain the same for the link to work. 3. If the document is embedded (which we may or may not…

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Insider Dealmakers Awards 2009

Last night (12th Nov 2009), Manchester hosted the Insider Dealmakers Awards 2009, which I could not attend due to clashing with Northern StartUp 2.0 – Managing Growth event I hosted. Below is a list of the winners taken from Insidernews without any amendment. Daisy scoops Deal of the Year The reverse takeover and AIM flotation of Nelson-based Daisy Communications was last night named Deal of the Year at the Insider Dealmakers Awards 2009 held at Manchester Central. The Lancashire company also took home the AIM Deal of the Year award for the £204m reverse takeover of Freedom4 Group in July.…

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