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Lead Capture – Your ideas for

On Monday, our development team will start developing sales lead capture functionality. In a nutshell, lead capture is about capturing who looked at a particular document, and with the consent of the edocr community member, pass his or her information to the publisher of the document.

This only works if more and more people registers with than simply consume documents without registering. First task is for us to encourage more visitors to register. Second part includes obtaining the consent with final parts on developing tool kits that the publisher could use.

We will also be attempting to use Google Chart API to represent traffic graphically.

We would very much like your thoughts on the followings:

– Any concerns you might have on release of data. Remember, we need your consent to release your email address.
– If you have experience in implementing Google Chart API, is there anything we should be aware of other than the documents provided by Google?
– What tools would you like to extract the leads?

Your participation on this vital development is much appreciated.