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3 Day Conference in Manchester Showcasing local and international software companies?

Just an idea at this stage, but have approached a group of early stage companies in the USA to sound it out.

The objectives:

  1. Promote companies and products – an exhibition
  2. Build partnerships with startups from Manchester (, JavelinCRM, others), London and rest of the UK
  3. API Explosion – Get the tech community involved
  4. Tour of local tech hubs for those thinking of setting base in the NW
  5. Get the public sector involve, so that we can explore incentives for setting up

Perhaps a three day event:

  1. Day 0 – Check-in to hotels
  2. Day 1: Registration, local tours, Dinner
  3. Day 2: Exhibition and Conference, Dinner with VCs
  4. Day 3: Catch-up, discussions with public sector, etc etc etc
  5. Day 4: Return flights

I think Sep/Oct would be better to give me time to plan properly. If you think there is merit in doing this, let’s start talking.

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