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Month: February 2010

Strategy for maintaining multiple calendars

Life was easier when you had only one calendar to deal with. If you are like me, then you have made your life difficult by having too many unconnected calendars, causing misery! Here are a list of my calendars: iCal (MacBook) Google iPhone I have added today, so that others who want to schedule a meeting with me could do so by finding out my availability. My tungle account is at The trick to all this is being able to sync. Tungle failed to sync with my iCal after many attempts even after Tungle crew came…

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Value Chains – which component provides the biggest value?

As I just tweeted, working out the route to market is easy, working out the optimum pricing strategy is harder. As we move forward with LC&SFI (Lead Capture and Integration) project, I am debating about which part of our value chain has the biggest pricing opportunity? Perhaps you could help me find the answer! Our value chain: Exposure through – edocr Essential is currently priced at £250 per annum (experience shows this is considered too low) Lead Capture within – launch planned for 1st April Download sales leads from – launch planned for 1st April Make…

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Pricing right for sales lead integration with

Few weeks ago, I wrote about possible ways to integrate with The options explored included: Traditional web-to-lead forms API, especially as is based on OAuth and now has OAuth capability App Exchange Since then, after much dialogue with employees, customers and partners, we have come to the conclusion, that App Exchange is the way forward for Having prepared for lead capture over the last three months, we are now ready to start the integration work. Whilst the development team is busy with integration, I would like to share my thoughts on how we would…

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Why am I rebranding Northern StartUp 2.0?

Northern StartUp 2.0 has come a long way since our humble start in November 2006. Whilst I enjoy running it, it has strained my resources heavily. Unless something is done, it’s sustainability is questionable in the medium to long run. So here are my reasons for repositioning: 1. It must generate income to compensate effort. 2. Lacks the collaboration between new and established technology companies: – Customers of early technology products are technology companies – Opportunities in joint ventures – Opportunities in acquisitions 3. It does not provide a mechanism for southern and overseas tech companies to break into the…

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Rebranding – Budget vs no budget, freedom vs. constraints

It is no surprise to my regular readers that Northern StartUp 2.0 is currently going through a rebranding and repositioning exercise. Whilst there is a lot to talk about why this is taking place, I thought of highlighting few discussions I had on Twitter about rebranding and repositioning with an international software house which has also gone through a rebranding exercise recently. Here is my situation: no budget but total freedom. Here is the situation of the software house: large budget (assumption) but constraints due to history and stakeholders. With my total freedom, and given I am lazy (or clever,…

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Never ending wordpress theme changing

Since I restarted blogging few months back, I have been looking for the ultimate wordpress theme. I must have changed themes more than I have blogged during this short period. To my surprise, I came across a theme today titled “Smells like Facebook” by Ainun Nazieb. Strangely, I find it intriguing and satisfying. Perhaps its the familiarity. But it sure will confuse few people when they come across it for the first time! Let’s hope this theme will last longer than the last dozen or so I experimented with.

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What can you do today with

To help our customers maximise the use of, I am in the process of preparing a check list. The key question asked here is what can you do with today (not tomorrow!)? Create your account Claim and update your company profile – at this point, you become a customer of under edocr Essential or edocr Managed pricing plans Manage employee accounts by adding/removing accounts to company profile Upload documents Distribute documents Interact with documents Join Groups Run marketing campaigns Respond to prospects Use API for auto publishing where it makes sense Use support desk in regular basis…

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