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Why am I rebranding Northern StartUp 2.0?

Northern StartUp 2.0 has come a long way since our humble start in November 2006. Whilst I enjoy running it, it has strained my resources heavily. Unless something is done, it’s sustainability is questionable in the medium to long run.

So here are my reasons for repositioning:
1. It must generate income to compensate effort.
2. Lacks the collaboration between new and established technology companies:
– Customers of early technology products are technology companies
– Opportunities in joint ventures
– Opportunities in acquisitions
3. It does not provide a mechanism for southern and overseas tech companies to break into the north west
4. No attention given to key segments such as mobile or SaaS through out the year
5. Insufficient knowledge transfer from established to new
6. No staff

Above will be addressed through:
1. Membership based on revenues.
2. Two strands, below £5m revenues and above. More opportunities for collaboration, setup joint ventures and help with acquisitions
3. Bespoke events and initiatives for southern and overseas companies to break in to the region
4. Focus groups with activities through out the year for technology segments
5. Active programs of match making for knowledge transfer
6. Membership income will eventually support number of full time employees.

The rebranded and repositioned organisation (techcelerate) will be focusing on both small and large technology companies. At the bottom end, the focus will remain on the needs of tech entrepreneurs. At the top end, the focus would be on accelerating the growth.

Lot to work out, but the future looks exciting. Come and join the ride!

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