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What are the four essential ingredients for a tech company?

Just came back from a 30 minutes jog and got my head cleared. I was thinking about what the four essential ingredients for a tech company is to succeed? In my view:

1. Viable idea
2. Talented team
3. Access to capital
4. Accessible market

If so, how does Techcelerate help to achieve each of above?

1. Viable idea – Most entrepreneurs or wanna be entrepreneurs have ideas. Whilst we actively do not get involved at this stage, some of these ideas have been refined as part of engagement with the Techcelerate community. Of course, our events and workshops provide ample knowledge sharing opportunities. I have a nice case study on this, yet to be written though!

2. Talented team – Right team makes growth a possibility. Wrong team or lack of team makes growth impossible to achieve leading to stagnation and eventual death. Once again, I have few case studies on this. I am also counting that our new partnership with Innospace will provide access to graduates from Manchester Metropolitan University

3. Access to capital – oh boy, don’t I know how vital capital is to achieve growth. Again, we got some nice case studies yet to be written. Techcelerate has a unique opportunity to do something, perhaps actively getting involved in fund raising.

4. Access to markets – We can provide access to the north west for US and Southern companies. Again there is a case study

You will see lot more hands on action by Techcelerate in 2011 to help our Member tech companies. There will be three key initiatives for 2011:

a. Tech Centre Manchester – I am yet to find the time to write the proposal.
b. Funding and Senior Management – Need to close some of the on-going discussions
c. Working with the new government – I need to meet key individuals to discuss these

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