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How do you plan to control your destiny in 2011?

Just like many of us, I am in the planning mode right now. I believe in creating my own luck, i.e. been at the right place at the right time with the right proposition. I am putting considerable demand on 2011 – This is the year I must deliver, balancing growth of two micro companies whilst ensuring I give enough attention to family and my own life, i.e must enjoy living and not postpone living.
I am keen to hear from you how you plan to deliver your objectives, what checklists you are putting in place to achieve the objectives, etc,… against a back drop of an economic recovery.

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  • The one thing in life that is certain is change and the market always dictates factors, which you can harness to control your destiny in life and in business, so I plan to pay close attention to those factors as they morph this year.


  • I absolutely agree with Clint Wilson and is interested in considering his plan. My goal is to expand my business more and be able to cater the best service on my niche for my target market and in able to do so, some of my things included on my checklist that I need to monitor are man power, operating procedure, cost, client satisfaction and many more.