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Month: April 2012

10-Minute e-Mailers and the grief

We have begun to continuously monitor traffic, as part of providing real-time chat support through Woopra on Woopra is an invaluable service to our operations, and we recommend it highly for any tech startup. Today, we came across a new account which was continuously pinged, in fact 556 times today. As a general rule of thumb, we investigate any account that is pinged more than 100 times a day with the same behaviour, which indicates existence of a script created for whatever the reason. In this instance, each time was pinged, it goes through the same 3…

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5 Stages of a tech startup – Stage 1: Product Development

There are many ways to plan the growth of your tech company. One way is to split start to exit period in to 5 stages, these being: product development, product/market fit, launch, growth and dominance. And each of these stages can be further split into five key components, these being: milestones, team, product, funding and metrics. Product Development This stage runs all the way from the initial idea to setting up of the company, coding of your product, moving the product from alpha to beta and launch, building your initial team and raising the funding to sustain the operations, either…

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