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Month: July 2012

Review of 20 hottest UK tech startups of 2008 #Webmission08

Image Credit: Mike Butcher, taken at Bebo office, San Francisco in Apr 2008 The Tour In April 2008, 20 of the hottest UK techstartups toured San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. These companies have raised a whopping $95 million to date. The Companies were: DotHomes/Byteplay, Groupspaces HubDub/Fanduel Huddle Kwiqq Mydeo Rummble/Rummble Labs ShortFuze/Moviestorm Silobreaker Skimbit/Skimlinks SliceThePie TheFilter Trampoline Systems TrustedPlaces WAYN Webjam Zebtab Zogix Current Status 3 have ceased operations (Kwiqq, Zebtab and Zogix). 2 have exited (Trusted Places and DotHomes). 2 have succeeded with major pivots (Skimlinks and Hubdub). 14 are continuing as before. Funding Status No funding…