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Linkedin looks more and more like a stream of posts – clearly competing with Facebook, Twitter and G+. What would Linkedin looks like by …

  1. Linkedin started with CVs and selling to Recruitment industry. Now focuses on Sales and Marketing in addition to above, and building streams similar to G+, Twitter and Facebook. At the end, all will look similar to Facebook and G+, all having videos, slides and any other content they can think of. What do you think Linkedin will look like by end of 2013?
  2. Anyone on edocr | edocr can easily post to the Big 3 through Buffer (Buffer your documents for increased productivity) and manually to G+ at present. I am hoping that Linkedin will not put any restrictions on us (we are a competitor to Slideshare from documents perspective). We have also seen some of the early partners of Linkedin disappear, e.g. Huddle. Would Linkedin end up getting rid of their existing partners, as they increase functionality? If so, how would Linkedin service looks like by end of 2013?
  3. How would Facebook, G+ and even Twitter react to Linkedin's  change of strategy/direction in 2013? From a Slideshare perspective, they have good integrations with all three, and Facebook is a major contributor to growth. Would Facebook, G+ and Twitter react differently to Slideshare now as its functionality is more and more integrated with Linkedin?

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