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How or where can I learn more about how lead generation works?

Answer by Manoj Ranaweera:

Happy to explain how lead generation works with our product/service.

We allow companies of all sizes to publish documents on edocr | edocr. In 2012, we grew by 250% adding over 50,000 user accounts to the 20,000 we had at the beginning of the year.

Our process:

1. Upload all your document inventory.
2. These will then be displayed fully categorised on company pages, e.g.…
3. Before uploading, activate Buffer Buffer your documents for increased productivity for automatic posting to Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook
4. Your prospects and customers will discover you through your documents via search engines, social networks, e-newsletters and blogs.
5. As they come to consume the content, and if the content is interesting, they will interact with the document, as well as share it again and again creating a viral effect.
6. As soon as they are logged in, we capture their actions, which is available against each document. This data is only available to the publisher of the document, and no one else.
7. And we call these leads, and where we have consent to release the data, leads are then exported to CRM, email marketing and marketing automation apps in real-time for lead nurturing.

We focus heavily on distribution aspect of documents. You can access our whole database through HootSuite (Manage your documents, conduct competitor and market analysis via HootSuite) which helps to share documents easily, as well as respond to comments etc.

The distribution capability increases as we add more and more apps to 14 we have at present (Apps | edocr).

Documents can also be locked down where only logged in users can access them.

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