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Month: January 2014

Great quote on failure

“I do believe, though, that those who have tried and failed to build their own dream make for the finest startup employees, the best sergeants and lieutenants, as long as you can make them feel that the enterprise they are joining can in some small way become their own. I would always choose someone who has failed repeatedly over someone who has never really tried to achieve anything. If nothing else, failing again and again teaches you how to keep fighting; and while helping to build someone else’s dream isn’t anywhere near as rewarding as bringing life to your own,…

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Death by email? Say NO!

How often do you hear of colleagues moaning about the size of their inbox? Today, I heard a similar issue from a colleague who is having more than 300 emails in their inbox. I remember the days when I used to receive more than 300 emails a day. These days, my inbox is less than 10. And I do have multiple email accounts. Here is how I managed to reduce my emails and maintain these levels for well over a year: First of all you cannot start the process until you clear the backlog. I suggest the following steps to…

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Idea for a new Service? UniversalGroups!

Most applications, whether they are designed for the web, smart phone or tablet, or for consumers or businesses have the ability to create groups. Groups are an effective and universally understood way to manage lists of contacts.  But they are becoming a pain in the back side to administer, as you need to repeat the same across your favourite web applications. What if there is an app which could be used across web applications that simplify this nightmare? Commenting Few years ago, commenting on blog posts was a nightmare. This was simplified by services such as Disqus and Livefyre. These services…

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Analysis of’s growth – Key is marketing & sales spent

Whilst mapping out the strategy for Livestax, I spent few hours analysing the growth of, the most inspiring tech company right now. The spreadsheet can be accessed here. As you can see from the graph, has achieved phenomenal growth since inception in 1999. filed for IPO in 2004, and a decent summary can be found on David Cumming’s blog. Whilst there are many factors to’s success, what stands out for me is nothing other than their marketing and sales spent. has spent a staggering $1.5 billion in its first 10 years to generate over $1bn in revenues by…

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