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Idea for a new Service? UniversalGroups! applications, whether they are designed for the web, smart phone or tablet, or for consumers or businesses have the ability to create groups. Groups are an effective and universally understood way to manage lists of contacts.  But they are becoming a pain in the back side to administer, as you need to repeat the same across your favourite web applications. What if there is an app which could be used across web applications that simplify this nightmare?


Few years ago, commenting on blog posts was a nightmare. This was simplified by services such as Disqus and Livefyre. These services plug in with blogging platforms and bring your comments and any responses into one manageable space. They seem to have also overcome the spamming issues of yesteryears.

May be something similar could be setup to address the issue of Groups. Instead of creating application specific groups, you add contacts in web applications into a UniversalGroup, which you can use inside other web applications. There is a danger in the UniversalGroup becoming another contact management solution such as Full Contact. So lot of thought would need to go into making sure it address the core problem.


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