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UnifiedVU is open for business

Whilst this is not the official channel, going public always help me to commit more as I know I need to avoid the forthcoming embarrassment of no delivery.

Without further do, I like to state that we can finally move from initial product development to start of commercialisation. Its true that we are probably 80% ready, but hey, this help us to change our mindsets and start focusing on the customer.

I will post a longer article on our official blog later.

We’ve also given attention to first and will update the website over the next few days to reflect progress.

Now to find those first elusive customers. In the meantime, if you like to trial (free 14 day trial), just reach me here or via any other channel.

If you wish to call +44 7769734491

Do let me know what you think of our home page, which is made up of 4 text apps, and connects with Stripe for payment.

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