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How to turn a simple idea into a technology company

My next gig is at Manchester Business School on 2nd September 2016.

Areas covered:

  • The journey from post MBA to today – failures and wins.
  • How UnifiedVU started, and the thinking behind it.
  • Starting place: Will power + Framework + Vision.
  • Turning the idea into a product, business,  attract customers, partners and continuous validation.
  • Frameworks:
    • Five stages of a startup
    • The ten segments

manchester business school

Bit about me:

After spending well over a decade in engineering consultancy working for two global businesses, both in the UK and the Middle East, Manoj completed his Executive MBA at MBS in 2004, joining a tech startup as an investor employee, only for the company to file for voluntary liquidation few months later. Manoj then went to lose far more over the next two years by trying to take the same concept onward by setting up his first tech startup, ebdex.

During the next decade, Manoj had a number of early stage ventures from a research analyst firm to building the tech ecosystem in Manchester. In 2013, GP Bullhound acquired Northern Tech Awards from Manoj. In 2015, US based Accusoft acquired In the same year, Manoj started his next venture, UnifiedVU.

Manoj will share how a simple idea can be turned into a technology company, the effort required to survive and deliver the vision. He will discuss key stages of a company, and how he structures from start with scaling in mind.