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Month: September 2016

SaaS market trends 2014 reviewed

In 2014, I predicted that the SaaS market will evolve as (in Quora): There will be greater debate on two tier systems, as more and more companies learn to live with on premise (including legacy) and SaaS, adopting a hybrid solutions. SaaS vendors will continue to be pulled in two directions, i.e. best of breed (single product) to multi product (driven by the need for greater revenues, e.g. Box). The middle market will continue to cause confusion due to products that specialise for smaller companies (no sales team), and the rest focusing on larger companies (sales team). The biggest land grab…

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#GrowthHack 1 – Commenting on high influencer sites

I’m no SEO expert. I ended up on SEO Profiler by accident. Not quite true though. I check and UnifiedVU standing on Alexa quite often. Once reached 14,000th largest website in the world (according to Alexa), and those days, I was quite obsessed in trying to get to 10,000th and beyond. A quick review of UnifiedVU on SEO Profiler revealed the followings: Active backlinks: 553 Unique active backlinks: 22 Links to home page: 540 Link Influence Score (LIS): 4% When I started analysing the 22 unique backlinks, I found out: – LIS 97% – LIS 93% Pipedrive…

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