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Month: October 2016

Value addition to any website #Website+

Almost every company on the planet now has a website to promote their business, whether you a one man band or a multinational company. Once you have a basic website with pages and posts, the job does not simply stop there. You can make your website work really hard for your business. Here is a list of things you might consider: Basic Web Analytics – displays number of visitors, page views, most popular pages, growth of these over different time periods and whole host of parameters. SEO – keywords that allow people to find you. Advanced analytics – identify who the visitors…

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Key Tech Entrepreneur events in Manchester

Why do you attend Tech Entrerpreneur events in Manchester? What are the regular events one must attend as a tech entrepreneur? Bit of a rant get your coffee/beer first.. For me there are four reasons: Access to finance – find new investors, especially those who are from out of town. Good to meet same folks over and over, but you need those rare individuals you cannot be accessed easily. Plus deal makers. Access to markets – potential users, customers and channel partners as well as those who could introduce others to you. Access to knowledge – learn something new (how…

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Template for a simplified investor pitch deck

I’ve been speaking to Paul Rawlings, a Manchester based tech entrepreneur and Techcelerate Member, quite a lot these days to simplify our story and thought of sharing what we came up with.   Cover slide – logo, who you are and what your business is in one short sentence. Background – in my case, ran few technology businesses, sold few and had a problem. MVP – Built the MVP and this is what it looks like. Solution – This is how it solves the problem, which is better than how it was solved by others before. Customer development – Found few…

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Idea for Richard and the TechNorth

Richard and some of his troops are already doing this.. But let’s get to the starting point. TechNorth is about supporting digital businesses of which tech businesses are a part of. My interest is only on the latter. If you are a tech startup, you hit the pinnacle when you get chosen as a Northern Star (within the TechNorth ecosystem). These companies get the maximum support, and rightly so. What about those left behind? Could there be another two levels of companies, which could get defined support? Yes, we get invited to various events and programmes, but it’s difficult to sum…

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Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) methodology of #TechNorth by Richard Gregory

I’ve known Richard Gregory for many years [Disclaimer: He was a customer of at one point]. When I first heard of his appointment to head of TechNorth, I felt energised. Here is a man well known and respected in Manchester digital community, a sort of people’s champion. However, he was from the digital marketing community and not from the tech entrepreneur community. The only question remaining was that does he understand the pain tech entrepreneurs in the North has to go to get anywhere, especially on raising capital?   I just read Richard’s blog post where he shares Objectives…

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