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Key Tech Entrepreneur events in Manchester

Why do you attend Tech Entrerpreneur events in Manchester? What are the regular events one must attend as a tech entrepreneur?

Bit of a rant get your coffee/beer first..

Techcelerate Events
Techcelerate Events – 2006 to 2012/13

For me there are four reasons:

  1. Access to finance – find new investors, especially those who are from out of town. Good to meet same folks over and over, but you need those rare individuals you cannot be accessed easily. Plus deal makers.
  2. Access to markets – potential users, customers and channel partners as well as those who could introduce others to you.
  3. Access to knowledge – learn something new (how to get first few customers, scaling), get to know other tech entrepreneurs and learn from them, know who is hot in what ever the sector you are in, and the list goes on..
  4. Access to talent – meet folks who can help you now and in the future whether you are looking to hire or not.

So what are the regular events in Manchester?

  1. GP Bullhound quarterly events – great for (3) and bit of (1) – No Wi-Fi, crisps and beer
  2. KPMG events half yearly – possibly (3) – canapes and beer – Wi-Fi
  3. In the City Club every other month – (2) and (3) – nuts and beer, no Wi-Fi

Love to know any other regular events, and especially those you rank high.

But beyond anything you need great hosts, who knows you and your current issues, and able to make introductions there and then. Not just treat the hot shots in the room, but everyone, especially the small guys. I didn’t mean shorties!

It’s sad that we cannot get Wi-Fi still at some of these events.