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#ManojRanaweera is looking for a job

Change is good. Change nourishes your mind. It takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to function in less familiar surroundings. So they say…


It all started at the back-end of 2014 when I left Livestax and Causeway with the blessings of Phil Brown, the majority shareholder and then CEO of Causeway and Livestax to setup UnifiedVU with the aim of commercialising the framework built by Livestax.

At the same time, Accusoft approached me to acquire edocr, which meant the journey of UnifiedVU only really started formally on the 1st of July 2015. Since then we have explored many ways to commercialise whilst building the UnifiedVU Platform, but given that we were developing not just a new way of consuming business software, but also having to create a new software category, the journey was not as easy as I hoped for.

As the sales were slow to materialise, I used the shell left by edocr to create Venture 9, a boutique consultancy and advisory service to earn a living. This was a half hearted attempt at best.

#INeedAJob Campaign

One thing I know is that half-hearted campaigns only ever produce less than satisfactory results. On last Thursday the 23rd March 2017, I decided to find a job. As I truly believe in the crowd, I decided to go public and posted the below on both Facebook and Linkedin.

I need a JOB! #INeedAJob

I am looking for a job with immediate effect.

Ideal opportunities:

  1. CEO for a small company up to £5m revenues – achieve a step change in growth with a 3 year exit in mind (I’ve partnered with a boutique investment bank).
  2. Chief Operating Officer – up to medium size company.
  3. Chief Product Officer – very good at turning ideas into products and platforms.
  4. Chief Technology Officer – cannot do code reviews but fully capable of developing technologies and growing dev teams.
  5. Director, Partnerships and Channels – Have been building partnerships many times over.
  6. Strategist.
  7. Evangelist/brand ambassador.
  8. Bring startup mentality into a mature and established company.
  9. Spinning out internal technologies into products, platforms and companies.
  10. Represent your startup or brand including business development in the UK for US and overseas companies; or for UK companies, in Manchester and the North West. B2B & Manchester is ideal.

Happy to work between London & Manchester (Done Abu Dhabi & Dubai in the past). Hope you can help or know someone who is looking for someone with a diverse range of skills.

My details: +44 7769734491

Please do consider sharing with your network.

Many thanks in advance.

Results of the Linkedin Campaign

While Facebook post achieve very little traction, the Linkedin post reached 10,000 views on the first day (23rd March 2o17). None of my previous posts achieve views no where close to this number. On the second day (24th), it added another 10,000 views. Over the weekend (25th & 26th), it added another 10,000 views. Day after the weekend (27th) it added another 10,000 views. By end of the 5th day which included the weekend, it had over 40,000 views. On Tuesday, it has more than doubled to 95,000 views. Yes I had to nurture few contacts early in the process to get the ball rolling but I never in my wildest dreams expected it to gain such a massive number of views.

Further Analysis

Here is an overview of the analytics provided by Linkedin.

Linkedin INeedAJob Campaign Results

Breaking this further down, it’s interesting to note that the most views are from some of the largest enterprises, i.e. Ernst & Young, PwC and Barclays.

What about the real ROI?

Whilst the increase in number of views are exciting to note, the real ROI is in the number of people you engage with and the resulting actual job offers. As this is on-going, I will update this aspect later on..

In the meantime, I’m keen to hear whether you ever tapped into social media to find a job. What are the lessons you learned, which I might be able to apply in order to increase my chances.


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