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Month: June 2017

My latest #GetMeOutOfHere strategy

This is how I feel… I was born to do more. Yet I don’t have all the right tools to achieve it. So I must persevere.  So how am I going to persevere? Life’s passion – building technology companies. Helping others – helping other tech entrepreneurs grow their tech businesses through strategy, partnerships, integrations and more (do read on). Get a job – permanent, contract or interim. I have accumulated 15,000 contacts since 2004 (the year I started my tech entrepreneur journey). 5,000 of those are on Linkedin. Business friends see my networking abilities as my greatest USP. “To say we go back long…

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3 Types of friends you have

As I fight through the mess I’ve created myself, there have been occasions where I had to ask for real help from my friends. Whilst I hold no grudge against them for their responses, I’ve come to realise that they can easily be segmented into three types, these being: Friends who can help but won’t for reasons only known to them. These are the guys who sit on the sideline and watch. Friends who are happy to provide encouraging words. Whilst positive energy is vital, sometimes this just isn’t enough. Friends who would go the extra mile. This also raises a…

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I am selling myself to the highest daily bidder in June #ManojRanaweera

As you probably have noticed before, I have hit some difficulties. Whilst some have advised me to give up on my entrepreneurial adventures, my instincts tell me that if I stay true to my course, everything will be all right at the end. This does not however address my current predicament. Whilst “selling myself” started as a joke, I worked out how to execute it whilst cycling (it’s sunny in Manchester these days) #NoMoreWhatIf. And here I am writing about it. In case this is the first time you come across me, here is a quick bio. I have been a Tech…

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