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My latest #GetMeOutOfHere strategy

This is how I feel…

I was born to do more. Yet I don’t have all the right tools to achieve it. So I must persevere. 

So how am I going to persevere?

  1. Life’s passion – building technology companies.
  2. Helping others – helping other tech entrepreneurs grow their tech businesses through strategy, partnerships, integrations and more (do read on).
  3. Get a job – permanent, contract or interim.

I have accumulated 15,000 contacts since 2004 (the year I started my tech entrepreneur journey). 5,000 of those are on Linkedin. Business friends see my networking abilities as my greatest USP.

“To say we go back long way would be a gross understatement and Manoj got more connections than the Pope.”  Keith Curran,
Perhaps it’s time I leveraged my network. As a strategy guy, I need a strategy to tap into my network to help those who are in my network. And now I have the perfect vehicle to achieve this. So far, I ran two mini marketing campaigns through Linkedin and amplified through my channels. These were:
  1. #INeedAJob campaign which went viral on Linkedin in March and April achieving over 200,000 views in first 30 days peaking at 60,000 on one day.
  2.  Selling myself to the highest bidder campaign in this month.

I’m currently thinking of a follow up to above two, which would be around leveraging the #15000contacts.

One of the issues with the first campaign was that I offered to help in following 10 areas, which no doubt confused the audience:

  1. CEO for a small company up to £5m revenues – achieve a step change in growth with a 3 year exit (I’ve partnered with a boutique investment bank).
  2. Chief Operating Officer – up to medium size company.
  3. Chief Product Officer – very good at turning ideas into products and platforms.
  4. Chief Technology Officer – cannot do code reviews but fully capable of developing technologies and growing dev teams.
  5. Director, Partnerships and Channels – Have been building partnerships many times over.
  6. Strategist.
  7. Evangelist/brand ambassador.
  8. Bring startup mentality into a mature and established company.
  9. Spinning out internal technologies into products, platforms and companies.
  10. Represent your startup or brand including business development in the UK for US and overseas companies; or for UK companies, in Manchester and the North West.

Going forward, whilst not giving up on above 10, I’ve decided to narrow down to following:

“I want to help tech companies achieve a step change in growth through strategy, partnerships and integrations, and facilitation of access to debt and equity finance.” 

I want to generate new revenue channels for tech companies (could be service companies at the point of engagement) by turning ideas and internal projects into products, platforms and companies with the support of equity and debt finance partners at my disposal

“I want to help companies become highly efficient through better technology adaptation”

“I want to help tech companies based outside the UK, penetrate UK market”

I’m also interested in studying the intersections among Unit Economies, Activity Based Marketing (ABM), Activity Based Sales (ABS) and bringing Activity Base Costing (ABC) into tech companies. May be a future MPhil is call for.

So far clients include Causeway Technologies, Liquid Bronze, Ixis IT and Precipience from the UK, Accusoft from the USA and Convert from Mexico.

Next is about how to leverage #15000contact. On this regard, I have started to partner with:

  1. Equity finance – GP Bullhound
  2. Debt finance – Funding Options
  3. Process optimisation – Elements Cloud
  4. Productivity and making better decisions – UnifiedVU
  5. Telecommunications – watch the space

I’m also considering putting together a tech stack that would be suitable for any small company, leveraging my network. If you find any of this is interesting, do get in touch.

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