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Month: August 2017

Networks of Manchester’s Tech Ecosystem

Once upon a time (2006 to 2013), Techcelerate pioneered in building the Manchester’s Tech Ecosystem, when public sector could not care less about scalable technology businesses. Today, it’s a different story. Both public as well as the private sectors have come together to build the ecosystem from where Techcelerate had left off. Referred to as Northern Startup 2.0 in 2006, a tech gathering supported by KPMG and initiated by TechCrunch grew into a network of 2,300 tech entrepreneurs, senior managers of tech companies, investors and deal-makers over a period of 7 years. Techcelerate ran over 100+ tech entrepreneur events with…

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Growth of your startups post exit

There is nothing better than watching your attempts being nurtured under new management and ownership. In August 2013, GP Bullhound acquired Northern Tech Awards, which has become the key annual tech event of the North. Since the acquisition, it has toured Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and expect to hit Edinburgh in 2018. It’s an amazing event to celebrate best of northern tech companies. Since starting Venture 9, we have become a partner of GP Bullhound, in our efforts to help tech companies find growth capital, as well as explore mergers and acquisitions. In March 2015, Accusoft acquired, which has grown significantly…

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Billionaires of UK

Billionaires of UK According to Sunday Times Rich list of 2017, there are 133 Billionaires in the UK. Most of them are born abroad and moved to UK later. Property still rules. I was curious to see how many of them are tech entrepreneurs. And fascinated to see some Northerners among the top, #SimonNixon of #MoneySupermarket and #MattMoulding of #TheHutGroup. These lists are always questionable – just guesstimates, e.g. Birch family has been based out of San Francisco since the initial traction of #Bebo. They certainly didn’t make money in the UK. But all makes fascinating reading including the 26…

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#Huddle is being sold

Huddle was the creme of #Webmission08 (20 hottest tech startups of UK in 2008). My #edocr was then the smallest of the 20. Their mantra was #GoBigorGoHome – they lived by it and was run by the dynamic duo of Alastair Mitchell and Andy McLoughlin. Their massive break came when they started to sell to UK Government through #GCloud. They even pulled a PR stunt in front of #Sharepoint conference, as they saw themselves as the natural player to disrupt the growth of #Sharepoint. But just like we have seen elsewhere, you sometimes do not see the competition. In this…

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Mini #SocMed Strategy for #Linkedin

Nothing scientific, just a collection of recent tweets by me on one page, and bit more added to turn the tweets into a mini strategy. Simply based on my own experiences, and not as a result of reading an award winning Social Media guru’s media. Linkedin Posts work far better than Linkedin Groups or Articles. Make sure you do not post until the last Post has gained at least 1000 Views. Do not post more than once a day. Give time for a Post to gather momentum. But rule (2) prevails. If a Post is not gaining at least 1000…

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