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Month: May 2018

How to retain your sanity with Vodafone Broadband

Before you start a chat with Vodafone staff to complain and hopefully rectify your poor broadband service, it’s best to prepare yourself. Here’s what I wish I have done first: Don’t start if your day is already turned out to be disappointing. Make a large cup of tea, coffee or whatever you fancy these days. Alcohol is not recommended. Download Vodafone broadband app to your mobile and activate mobile data. Download few broadband speed analyser test apps. They never display the same speed, so prepare to pull whatever the hair left on your head or elsewhere. Get a screw driver.…

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What the heck is 70-20-10 rule?

What the heck is 70-20-10 rule you might ask. This came to my head whilst cycling in gorgeous sunny weather in Cheshire (UK) yesterday. I managed to squeeze 109 kms which was the longest ride in 2018 and was shy of 8 kms to break my all time longest. I struggled to agree with myself whether this is in fact 60-30-10 or 70-20-10. Either way, the rationale is as below: Spend 70% (60%) of your time delivering revenue generating work (Customer Delivery). Spend 20% (30%) of your time generating new revenue generating work (Business Development). Spend 10% (10%) of your…

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